The fat one that can run.

Helen and I were invited for a radio interview with Sanyu FM this morning talking about girl´s and women´s rugby in Uganda.
Walking to the taxi park afterwards we laughed ourselves silly about ourselves. That is what we mostly do. The first thing Helen ever, ever said to me was “Oh she is a fat one that can run.”
Our favourite joke ever is when during a match, we were all wearing black jerseys, the referee was talking and shouting at and me calling me “black”. I just wasn’t reacting because I am usually referred to as muzungu. That poor ref got really mad with me.
Why I am writing about this in a blog post with that title on the Entebbe Sharks blog?
We are always talking about political correctness; the times when people in Europe are shy to call Helen black, the times when people here think its racist to call me white and then my daughter Ruthi comes along and calls me brown. But she also calls Helen brown. So it is all a matter of prospective. And what you want to see.
Don’t get me wrong. I am all up for political correctness but I am against hiding behind it.
“The fat one that can run.” It is a compliment here.
At times I do get upset about what I hear and see; mainly because from a human point of view it seems that people have lost their morals.
When I was in London some months ago, I went out with some Ugandan friends and one of them is living in London. There was this man with the buggy and his daughter trying to get up the stairs and I just lifted it up and helped him. My London Ugandan friend told me that this is not what I should because in case the buggy slipped and the daughter fell out and got hurt they would sue me. I said nothing.
Entebbe Sharks posted their new logo yesterday. We put so much thought and love into this that some of the feedback we received really made me wonder as it was pointed out too me that the name of the team was not Ugandan as we do not have Sharks here. Would the reaction have been the same if a Ugandan team mate would have published the logo or was the issue because I am not Ugandan? Whatever I believe in, not everybody might approve of that. But my point is that we all contribute to a society; no matter who we are and we should all make the most out of it.
Happy Women’s Day!
sharks logo 01

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