How to fall in love.

This year not only our team and skills grew. We are also spreading more and more the word about the Sharks and are meeting people along the way who are now part of our family. That includes everyone from the US, Finland, Spain, Germany and now also Canada. Leisa started playing with us some months ago. We had the time to sit and talk and explain what Sharks are all about… Right now, she is the one of many spreading our love…

When considering gifts this holiday, consider the amazing gift you can give a Ugandan girl by sponsoring her to play rugby. I have come to play and fall in love with The Entebbe Sharks – Rugby Rugby Girls Rugby. Sponsoring a girl will empower her through sports and give her the opportunity to finish her education! Donate it as a gift to a loved one this holiday season.
 PM me if interested or want to know more.

Thank you Lesia!

Thank you Entebbe Sharks family!

Thank you Mongers, UWRA, URU for 2014!

Merry xmas!

Best upcoming player 2013

Best upcoming player 2013

Roadwork What happens when Mamas all over the world decide to support Rugby girls in Uganda. IMG_0782 DSC_0621 2. Rugbytraining der Sharks im Januar 2012 - 2nd Entebbe Sharks training in January 2012 Uganda_Tag_12-5877 Entebbe Sharks


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