How to carry the weight on our shoulders.

When we founded the Sharks little did I know how much weight I would add to carry on my shoulders.

Throughout my time in Uganda I have been dealing with situations that frustrate me and that make me dislike living here. And I am still trying to figure out how to manage those frustrations without becoming bitter. I cannot tolerate imperfections just because everybody else can. It’s against my nature. So, I am cutting frustrations out. Fortunately, with Kato I have someone who feels as much responsible as I do.

Some frustrations remain because they are related to the girls and their background stories. The more time I spend with them, the more stories I hear about their lives the more I wonder how someone could neglect those beautiful young women? The list is endless, I know.

My biggest worry is always that I create another dependency that will turn into a disappointment once I move out of Uganda, which I will do at some point. The last time I went to Germany Maurice asked me „whether I am one of them?“ Meaning one of them that leaves and promises to come back but never returns. I am not like that.

Right now my focus is on three girls in the team. One of them has finished school and will now start working as a waitress and start teaching Rugby in primary schools in Entebbe. The second one has been pushed around by her family members and nobody wants to support her or pay her school fees. She is doing badly in school but is an amazing Rugby player. The third one is my biggest worry right now. I was requested to not take care of her any longer 2 years ago. When I met her again a few months ago, she was 6 months pregnant. Raped by her former teacher. She is 15 years old. Right now she lives in a teenage center for pregnant girls. She is learning some trades (hairdressing and tailoring) but she really wants to go back to school. She had only finished primary school. After giving birth she can stay at the center for three more months and then she needs to go somewhere where she can stay with the baby, go back to school while her baby is looked after and play Rugby again. She wants to come and stay with me.

None of the girls are asking for my help. And somehow they all would get by but again I cannot let that happen. Somehow doesn’t work for me it means barely surviving. I want them to be well and thriving because this is what they deserve.

I would like the girls to live together, so that they are surrounded by like minded people, can help each other out, play Rugby together and cut out their frustrations that are created by their own families.

Baking is the way forward. Baking because Nicki taught me and I am now loving it. Besides running, baking has become my relaxation method. We started baking some months ago and sell some deserts and cakes around Entebbe but we do it on minimum scale with the funds and equipment that was available. And things go wrong all the time but that’s alright because we are still learning… money goes missing, cakes are not accounted for at the point of sale, cakes burn in our moody oven…

I would like the baking to become big so that the girls not only learn how to bake, but also how to promote and run a business. And on top of that they are raising their own money for the Entebbe Sharks Rugby team. I think learning how to bake different cakes but yellow ones is just like I thought that they might enjoy playing Rugby and then started the team with Helen.

I am tired of asking for money for our team, especially because the girls can really do it on their own. So my plan is to get funding for the bakery, do some more training in Germany, come back here and set things up. This way I am not creating a dependency but set them up for independence. That way I will lift some weight onto the shoulders of my girls so none of us is carrying the world alone.

Therefore, if someone who reads this would be interested in supporting us with setting up the bakery, please let me know.

Entebbe Sharks OYE!!!




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