To lose.

We are terrible losers because we don’t like to lose because we think we are great AND we are used to winning. A few years ago we lost every single game when we played 15s with the big teams. When the league was divided into junior and senior (unfortunately, we couldn’t come up with a senior team yet) the junior team took off and won and won and won.

Yesterdays tournament was hard for the Sharks and it became very obvious that we are pretty clueless about game plans. We only have one. If it doesn’t work, we are screwed and so we lost! And so we cried and so we tried to find reasons why everyone was against us only to realize it was our own fault.  We don’t like running, well tough shit, then the Gulu and Mbale will always succeed us. We don’t like game plans, again tough shit, because then we will never be smart players.

I hate seeing my girls cry and it does break my hear every single time but I also have to admit that they did not deserve to win yesterday. They are all still very young girls and highly emotional but I cannot protect them from losing.

I was excited and still am and I lost my voice and I look like a lobster, too. What we saw yesterday was extraordinary Rugby!

The people who did their part know that we can go far in this country with Rugby. I count myself lucky to be in this circle of people who are doers not talkers!

Lets be great examples for the girls also in this aspect. Its so easy to complain and to blame others for things that are going wrong or not working BUT so what? They will not go away by doing nothing.  I remember a game we played at Kyadondo in the beginning. Well, I didn’t play because I was furious. We arrived on time but nothing was prepared. They had a concert the night before and the tent and the chairs were still on the pitch. The other team wasn’t there nor was any of the referees. And then I talked to Helen about it afterwards and she said to me that if we don’t play and don’t show our faces there won’t be girls Rugby and quite frankly nobody cared whether I stepped on pitch or not.  I understood.

We have a long way to go with the girls, not only the Sharks and I look forward to being part of the journey!


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